What I look For During Structural Inspections

During the Home Inspection Process the Structural Inspection is critical. Indeed during the process of the home inspection I am looking for signs that show a failure of the structure itself, these can present themselves on exterior walls, interior walls, around windows, floors, ceilings, posts or columns. The joists, beams, and structural walls will be inspected where they are able to be seen. Often times most of the structure is hidden by drywall or other finishes. However despite these potential blockages of view, as an inspector I know what to look for when it comes to structural issues.  In Louisville and Prospect for example some areas have basements that are prone to moisture intrusion more so than other areas.

Potential issues found during the home inspection could be a crack in the foundation. Some cracks are from the concrete shrinking during the curing process. Some areas may appear to be a crack when in actuality they are a cold pour joint. This is when the concrete is poured to a certain level, then it hardens and then more concrete is poured after to finish the wall. This is common if the contractor starts a pour on the weekend. These two issues often are of little concern. Then there are cracks that indicated a settling of the foundation. These can be from little concern to severe settlement indicating a failure in the foundation system itself. Structural inspection is key because an understanding of these areas can mean saving you from being stuck in a home that costs thousands to repair.

Joists, beams, and posts can all have failures as well. Knowing what to look for, and having the experience necessary as an inspector make all the difference. Yes structural inspections are a key portion of the home inspection. Let us help you with your purchase in Louisville, Prospect, Middletown and More.

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Structural Inspection In Shelby County Kentucky

During this home inspection I found several structural issues. This home had also been inspected by a structural engineer. The engineer never got into the crawlspace or the attic. He failed to see what was undeniable, unsuitable structural components or components used in an improper fashion. We take structure seriously, don't buy a home with someone who won't get into the crawlspace, attic or other areas.

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