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While doing the roof inspection during this home inspection I noticed the gutters where clogged while I was on the roof. The gutters also had an extremely long run before reaching the downspout. Probably over 25' of gutter going to this one downspout. This gutter set up actually created water standing on the front stoop. You can see the discoloration on the step to the right of the door. 

The results of this water leaking onto the front stoop was as follows. Water seeping between the siding and the concrete. This left the discoloration, rot, and what is likely at a minimum mildew, if not mold growing on the framing and sheathing (OSB Plywood) as seen in this photo. Roof inspection led us not only to an issue which was discovered in the garage here. It emphasizes how vital a home inspection can be. Also the roof inspection in this case shows how to prevent future damage from occuring. Keeping the gutters and downspout clear, sealing the gaps in the corner of the gutters, and monitoring these areas will lead to a home that does not have these issues in the future.

While performing roof inspections and home inspections I'm looking for any defects and damage. This is because something as simple as a clogged gutter could mean serious rotting later on.

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My Home Inspection Process when It comes to roofs

Roof Inspections

What I Inspect for on roof inspections

Roof Inspections are a critical area as an inspector to view. Roofs shield the home from the weather and bear the brunt of the sun's beating rays. Leaking roofs can ruin insulation, framing, drywall, ceilings and more. 

When I'm on the roof doing the roof inspection during the home inspection process, I'm looking for areas such as the one here on the right. Water is bound to collect in this area and leak into the home. Having inspected hundreds of roofs, I understand where problems are likely to occur and know what to look for. This understanding gives greater peace of mind throughout the roof inspection portion of the home inspection. I will confirm what is see with a thorough inspection of the attic area. In this case I was able to confirm leakage in the attic.

Results of leaking gutters

When it comes to roofs I am looking to walk every accessible portion of the roof surface. The two examples above are exactly why I'm looking for everything I can find. As part of my home inspection process Roof Inspections are a key part of the process. 

When on the roof I take my time, looking for defects. I know how serious a defect on a roof can be. Leaking can turn a small issue into a severe one. I will detail my findings with pictures and easy to read descriptions. Get the best roof inspection with the best inspector during your home inspection.

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