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Commercial Inspection Service:

Folk Inspections has experience doing building inspections of all shapes and sizes. Having your commercial inspection will help you make a smart decision while buying a commercial property. Hiring the right building inspection service in Louisville means hiring us! We know the ins and outs of what makes a commercial building function.

We will check every part of the building during our commercial inspection service - looking for defects that could become extremely costly. Our commercial building inspection service means you can find out potential issues our even positives that could help your company understand the purchase you are making.  

Commercial inspections are and entirely different building inspection service compared to home inspections. Most home inspection companies in Louisville are not familiar with the products, installations or building systems implemented in commercial structures. A lack of familiarity by the inspector could lead to serious issues being missed. Here at Folk Inspections our familiarity with commercial buildings and how they are built will give you the best building inspection possible.

Commercial properties in Louisville often vary from concrete or steel construction. Some properties use a variation of the two or even use wood as the structure.During the commercial inspection service we will be looking at all available structural elements. How it was constructed and are there any concerns with that part of the building. Building inspection services should help you understand how your building is constructed.

Commercial structures often have various different types of HVAC units and Electrical panels and equipment that need specialty help. We use experienced contractors to assist the building inspection process and make sure your commercial inspection is worth your investing dollar. Our Building Inspection services were designed to give Louisville the best option in commercial inspections.

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