Thermal Imaging done with an infrared camera is an additional tool we use to ensure your inspection is done as thoroughly as possible. It's not x-ray vision but does help identify things that the naked eye cannot.

The home inspection process should bring you more answers than questions or uneasiness. 

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I have a background in Architectural Design, Extensive Home Inspection training, and best of all Hands on experience inspecting hundreds of homes. That means peace of mind no matter what kind of home.

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Great home inspections help you purchase a home with peace of mind. If we miss anything we'll have the home purchased back at the cost you paid for the home. 

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Here we do every thing we can so that you only have to make one call to us and the rest is ready to go when it comes to the home inspection process. We are a Greater Louisville Association of Realtors affiliate. This means we have all the tools to communicate with real estate agents and provide you with the easiest inspection possible. We will set up the appointment with the selling real estate agent or other selling party. 

Our home inspections are whole home inspections, covering every part of the home. Obviously we cannot see through walls but we do have knowledge, experience, and observation skills to recognize defects and potential issues that could arise in the home. We are also big on safety. During the home inspection process we're looking for safety hazards whether it be trip hazards, low clearance for head room, electrical shock or fire hazards. For more information on what we are looking for see Full Home Inspection. My Home Inspection Checklist also has great information whether you are buying or selling a home. Thermal Imaging as noted above is used on every inspection to help identify issues with the home or building. It's not x-ray vision but it helps us as inspectors identify or confirm issues that otherwise may not be readily seen. We do this because we want your home inspection to be the most useful it possibly can be. 

We guarantee our inspections with the InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee. This means if ANYTHING is missed on your home inspection. Your home will be bought back at full purchase price. No getting stuck with a problem that you should have been made aware of. See

We don't book inspections back to back. You are our sole priority, so we make sure that you have our sole focus not only during the inspection but also so that we don't have to rush to finish we are very selective about appointment times. Your inspection should not be rushed through, so we make sure to have an adequate window of timing when it comes to the inspection process. Some things just take time, home inspections are one of them. Your questions are important so we take the time to answer them whether it is in person at the inspection or over the phone. We also offer consultations over Zoom so that you can get your questions or review of the inspection done at a safe distance.

Your report should be specific to your home, so we take the time to type out the issues and hazards as we see them in the home. We do our best to make sure the language in the report is easy to understand. If you have questions about your report we're always available to answer them (502.509.6272 or With Covid-19 still a factor we are following all applicable guidelines to make sure your home inspection is done safely, wearing masks, gloves and other applicable PPE as fit to the situation. 

For more information on things I've seen as a home inspector or just things I've found interesting while inspecting homes see Alex's Blog I try to add information that could be helpful in preparing your home for an inspection or things to look out for in your own home.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, selling your home, or are buying your 30th property, we're confident that our building inspection service will meet and exceed your expectations. We use top of the line tools, have years of training and experience, and love what we do as building inspectors. This business was founded on making sure Louisville got the best in the inspection industry and we stand by that with every inspection we perform. Don't get caught in the dark by an inspector who is just there to collect a check, our love of this area and what we do ensures that we will go above and beyond for each and every inspection. With free infrared to the buy-back guarantee we ensure that your inspection is really the best experience out there.

If you are building a home we offer phase inspections as it is being built. Code Inspectors only have a limited time with each property. While they are good at what they do, not all issues are going to be seen, as they have a very limited time to inspect each structure as it is being built. Our construction phase inspection will help you feel confident that your home is being built properly. Some processes as simple as how the brick is installed can lead to water damage in the home. 

Lenders - we offer draw inspections on properties of all sizes and shapes including large scale commercial structures. We have experience inspecting some of the biggest properties to be built in Louisville over the last 5 years. We also have experience with residential draw inspections over Jefferson, Shelby, Nelson, Scott, Spencer, and Oldham Counties. If you need it done quickly, we can usually make sure that they are completed within 2 days.

Please feel free to call, email or text me if you have anything you need in regards to inspection, building construction, or other real estate inspection needs.

- Alex Folk - 502.509.6272 - - 9462 Brownsboro Rd #171 Louisville KY 40241

My sole focus as a home inspector is on you and your home. That is why you get your report on the home the same day. ​

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