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When selling your home the home inspection can be scary, because it is often the primary cause of offers falling through. That does not need to be the case however. Sometimes simple maintenance while owning the home can get it ready for sale. This home inspection checklist was created to identify some of the most common issues I see on homes and what you can do to resolve them before you get an offer on your home.

  • Leaks - leaking drains and valves can cause some serious damage. Look for leaks around your home on a regular basis. One easy way is to put your hand on the valves feeling for moisture, often time they start as slow seeps. Calcium and other mineral deposits along with discoloration often indicate a leak has occurred. Reach under the sink with the water running, feel the drain pipe, these also start as slow leaks. 
  • Have your roof inspected, look for areas where shingles are missing or damaged. Roof damage is not always readily seen, debris thrown on the roof, tree limbs, and hail can all damage the roof and not be easily seen.
  • Check the gutters, clogged gutters can cause moisture intrusion around the perimeter of the foundation as well as cause leakage under the shingles in some circumstances. See my Roof Inspection page for how a leaking gutter can do some real damage to your home.
  • Check around the foundation. Not all cracks mean that your foundation has failed. Cracks create places where moisture can enter the home, so having cracks evaluated by a professional and sealing them can prevent future damage.
  • Check your crawlspace. Most people never, ever go in their crawlspace. I don't blame them, they are not comfortable places to be. Insulation often falls and needs replaced in them. Moisture can also be an issue. It is common to see drain leaks in the crawl because of how long they go without someone looking at them.
  • Have your HVAC system checked by a qualified HVAC Company, often the blower fan and other components are dirty. This can lead to a unit that does not function as well as it should. Condensation leaks are common, gone without fixing these leaks can cause rusting and other damage to your unit. In some cases I have seen the rusting from condensation shorten the life of the unit significantly.
  • Open and close your windows. - I see windows with broken locks, broken panes of glass, fogging glass, or windows that have been stuck shut from years of not being opened. Windows, especially in bedrooms, are considered emergency egress routes in residential structures. Often times these issues can be fixed without needing the window replaced, which can be costly.
  • Buy an outlet tester from Lowe's or Home Depot. The outlets on your home can be checked for wiring issues with a tester, this is quick and simple to read. They can help you identify outlets that have gone bad. Buy one with a GFCI test button. Check the outlets around sinks, in bathrooms, in garages, and on the exterior of the home. When you hit the test button the receptacle should lose power, tripping off at the GFCI breaker in the panel box or the GFCI protection receptacle covering these areas.
  • A great option is to have your home inspected before you put it on the market. If you know what is going to come up on the inspection before sale occurs you don't have to worry about the inspection after the buyer places a bid. These suggestions cover only a portion of what is inspected during a home inspection. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about the home inspection process or about your home in general, I'd love to help.

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When buying a home what do you need to do when it comes to the home inspection? Buying a home especially as a first time home buyer can feel overwhelming. I created this home inspection checklist to help make sure you feel comfortable when the home inspection is going to occur.

  • Schedule the inspection for a time that you can be available, and hire the RIGHT inspector. Make sure you are hiring a home inspector that will do a thorough job and give you facts.
  • Ask LOTS of questions - there are no bad questions in my opinion, the whole point of the home inspection is so that you can learn as much about the house and make an educated decision on what's next. 
  • Keep your real estate agent informed as to what concerns you, and tell them the time of the inspection as well. I try to reach out to all buying parties but often it is best if you can tell your real estate agent when you are doing the inspection.
  • Think about the future - You will need to move your furniture and make some other decisions. Does the home have appliances? The home inspection is a great time to measure for fridges, blinds, rugs, washer, dryers, furniture. No one wants to move in and not have what they need fit. 
  • Remember Termite Inspections may be necessary for loan approval, I recommend having a termite inspection done on every property you purchase. They are only $50, compared with the damage termites can do it is a smart decision.
  • Radon testing is recommended for our area, for more information on radon see epa.gov/radon. I recommend testing as it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The test is 48 hours long and samples the air for radon giving a reading of each sample taken. The samples are averaged over the time period and that is the result given.
  • When you get your home inspection report - read it thoroughly and ask me any questions you may have.
  • If you ask for something to get fixed, follow up with what has been done, ask for documentation of all work done.
  • Get an inspector who uses thermal imaging with an infrared camera. This can help detect issues in the home that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. This is not going to see everything as it only reads temperatures however it will give you a greater understanding of the home.
  • Get a home inspector with a buy-back guarantee. If we miss anything on your home you have a 90-day window to have your home bought back at full closing price. This is backed by interNACHI, the largest home inspection association in the world

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