Deck inspection uncovers failing point in deck structure.

Deck Inspection reveals Weak point in deck structure

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Foundation Issues discovered during the crawlspace inspection

Home Inspection reveals a failing post and shim assembly
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6-22-20 - Middletown KY - When inspecting this roof in Middletown I noticed the chimney had a location where water would not readily drain. Despite having the metal flashing this appeared to be an area where leakage was surely going to occur. When I got into the attic this is what I saw at that location. Leakage evidence was readily available. Chimneys create positions on the roof that water cannot escape quickly. Solutions to this would be installing a diverting cricket or other roof surface to direct the water around the chimney. If this leakage were to go uncorrected rot, mildew, mold and other damage would almost certainly harm the home. 

Chimney Inspection Shows Leakage Evidence

6-10-20 - Louisville KY - This deck had some questionable areas, however this point was most noticeable. The deck on this home inspection was roughly 8 feet above a concrete patio. This distance could be catastrophic if the deck were to fail. If you look at where the joist connects to the band-board, which is attached to the house itself you can see how the joist is spitting from the nail being driven into it. You also notice that it is only held in place by nails. If these nails were to pull away the amount of load that this deck could support could soon be very little. When doing my home inspections the deck is a critical area, falling as was mentioned earlier could be catastrophic, however with decks often we have multiple family members and friends having a good time. We don't think about things like how many people should be out here. Over building on decks is highly recommended. Something as simple as a joist hanger could support more weight and prevent a potential tragedy. - Alex 

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Grading Issues Discovered during home inspection

5-28-20 - Shelby County - Grading on New homes can lead to issues later as the home ages. Notice this home, it's brand new, however the grading for the driveway is directly towards the home. Adding drainage for this home will help keep water away from the home and avoid potential issues such as wood rot at the sill plate of the home. Inspectors do well to keep this in mind when inspecting homes. On home inspections I am looking for what is actively wrong with the home as well as what can lead to issues in the future. Obviously I cannot tell the future but simple things like grading and extending downspouts will help eliminate maintenance and repairs at the garage wall for instance in this home.

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Home Inspection reveals improper grading towards newly built home.

6-8-20 - Louisville KY - One of the most important things to inspect on homes is the crawlspace. With duct work, plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, and structural elements all in view there are many potential defects that can be found on the home inspection. In this case the beam is supported at a T connection by a cinder-block that is improperly positioned. On top of the cinder-block are shims that have sustained likely termite damage. Above this area in the home the floor bounced when walked on. Indicating this support was already failing. When in the crawlspace I'm looking for issues such as this during the home inspection. If you feel a spongy floor or an uneven floor an improper or failing support is likely the issue. Finding a home inspector who actually does their job shouldn't be hard. On this property a structural engineer actually checked the home, and never got into the crawlspace or even entered the interior of the property. We make sure to check the whole home during the home inspection.

Check Behind the washing machine

6-15-20 - Louisville KY - When inspecting this home the homeowner claimed the discoloration was caused by a leaking pipe (red pex piping shown in picture) however directly above this area of the basement was this leaking valve. The box is designed to catch water however when it rusts out leak points are bound to happen. This leaking caused so much rust that the leaking valve was causing the sub-floor to still be wet. Taking the time to check the nooks and crannies whenever possible can make all the difference. This leaking would likely continue to worsen moisture leads to serious problems such as fungi, mold, and wood rot. Leakage can be serious, problems fixed sooner than later can help prevent high cost repairs and potential health hazards.

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